Investing our time in industries that we know.


Investing in income-producing assets since 2002.

20 Years

Focused on real estate, oil and gas, owner finance, and other asset classes.

Beall Investments was born from Beall Concrete, Robert’s business for nearly 20 years. His passion for the business began at a young age, as his grandfather and father both worked in the concrete industry. After selling his business in 2000, he began diversifying into real estate, oil and gas, owner finance, and other asset classes. Beall Investments has always focused on investing in industries and individuals that it know and understand. Beall Investments believes in adding value to a deal, other than just capital.

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Early Operations

Robert Beall founded Beall Concreate, a manufacturer of concrete in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, in 1981 while earning his MBA from Southern Methodist University. This later evolved into Beall Industries, Inc. with several different construction product lines and services.


The Start of Beall Investments

In 2000, Robert Beall sold his company to publicly traded U.S. Concrete of Euless and remained the regional president of the company until 2003. In 2002, he started Beall Investments in Colleyville, Texas. After selling to U.S. Concrete, Robert started diversifying Beall Investments to be involved in developing properties, along with ownership of income-producing properties and management.

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A Growing Family Business

In 2019, Beall Investments became a truly family-run business when Logan Beall joined his father, Robert Beall, after working in development for City Club Apartments in Chicago. At this time, Robert and Logan became active investors in the Creekside Apartments in Hudson Oaks, Texas.

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Developing the Future

Beall Investments will continue to grow its development portfolio under Beall Development, which will focus on land, commercial and multifamily developments. Beall Development plans to have 1,000 rental units under ownership by 2030.